One of the great pleasures of home ownership is enjoying the beauty of one's home. Drywall can add subtle or stand-out features that establish an attractive, well-defined "look" to the interior.

Millenium's flawless application is key in the construction of an appealing and marketable product that a buyer will want to call "home."

Your residential project will recieve the utmost attention to craft and detail, whether it's a single home or a development with hundreds of units.

​Our residential projects include:

  • Custom Homes

  • Model Homes

  • Pre-Built  Homes

  • Apartments


Builders we work for..

  • Providence 

  • Phillipe Builders

  • J-Style Homes 

  • Sierra Homes 

  • Omega Steel

  • Homes by L 

  • Hennessey Homes 

  • DT Builders

  • TSA Properties

  • DKG